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Thursday, November 3, 2011

DYK? Meet Your Beans

A few days ago, my husband drained the last of the soymilk onto his bran cereal and left the empty container by the sink.  Just as I rinsed out the carton and prepared to drop it into the trash, I noticed this on the back of the box:
Enter the plant code from this product at our website, and you can learn where the soy you're about to enjoy grew up!
The plant code on the container I had was 12 09 11 16:12 CD70 EH3A L2.  I checked the website and learned this about the beans that went into my batch of soymilk:
Yours were grown in Beautiful Bay County, Michigan.  These farms are part of a select group that value responsible, sustainable agriculture as much as we do.  The soybeans planted here are 100% natural:  non-genetically modified and whole-harvested (never chemically extracted).
Bay County, Michigan is located at the base of the "crook" on the east side of the state.  According to the 2010 census, the county has a population of 107,771.  Farming is not a major industry there.  In fact, the 2000 employment breakdown on their county profile lists agriculture as one of the smallest industries.  Instead, education and manufacturing lead the way.

So, where were the beans in your soymilk harvested?

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