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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Now I Can Make Tea

An exceptional cup of tea is hard to come by, at least that is what I am told by my British friends who decry the "American" way of making tea --- heating water and a tea bag in the microwave for about two minutes.  I must confess I have done that over the past few years because I was sans teakettle.  Mine had boiled dry and I couldn't bring myself to use it for anything other than sanitation purposes (and I kept hoping my family would gift me a new version).  Well, my days of "American" tea making are over because...I got a new, high tech teakettle!

To better understand my excitement, a comparison photo might be in order:

The new PerfecTemp Teakettle by Cuisinart features (as stated on the shipping box):  an ergonomic handle, a boiling whistle, stainless steel construction and, my favorite, a precise temperature gauge with multi-colored, easy-to-read hot water levels so I can brew that exceptional cup of tea I mentioned before.  So, for example, now I know that, for the perfect cup of black tea, the water needs to be in the red zone, at a full boil;  green tea, in the green zone, at 175°F.

I chose this teakettle over some others that were recommended to me because I wanted one that had a temperature gauge, even more than I wanted one made of stainless steel.  The PerfecTemp is a bit slow to heat up if I start with refrigerator-chilled water, but that is a good thing around here.  It forces life to slow down just a bit, which is really the whole point of a cup of tea.

This is my personal recommendation/endorsement.  No benefits, financial or otherwise, were received from Cuisinart or anyone else.

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