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Monday, December 5, 2011

Squirrel Stew Coming Soon

This afternoon, my husband got home early from work...with a different air rifle in tow.  He already owns a Crossman.  This was a Gamo Whisper Deluxe, borrowed from a co-worker.  He wanted to "try it out," presumably because he is contemplating an upgrade.  He got the first air rifle to eliminate squirrels from our back yard;  this next one (should he buy it) will be used for the same purpose, only more accurately.  I find the whole idea of shooting animals disturbing but, as my mother says, better a squirrel in a pot than one in your attic.

Apparently, a rodent in a kettle is what I will be experiencing in the near future.  The squirrel that bit the dust today, as part of the "test shoot," was dressed out and put in the freezer almost immediately.  It will be joined by another squirrel, combined with a chicken, and turned into some tasty stew.  My daughter will be cooking this with the (long distance) help of her grandmother.  They both love to cook, especially when it involves learning new skills and trying new flavors and foods.  I am not so adventurous, but I am learning.  Earlier this year, I ate rabbit.  As a child, I tried venison.  I will let you know how I respond to the squirrel.  Oy!

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