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Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Sinus Health Tool

A repost from Gooseberry Lane, 2010.  Hopefully, this will be of help to those who also suffer from chronic sinusitis.  Please note:  this is my personal recommendation/endorsement.  I have received no benefits, financial or otherwise, from the manufacturers or distributors of the SinuPulse Elite or any products related to its use.  I have also received no benefits from Sinus Survival.

As part of my 2010 "Get Light, Get Fit, Get Healthy!" goals, I plan to work on stabilizing and/or improving my chronic sinusitis.  I have battled this condition in some way or another for years, sometimes developing sinus infections that required an MRI for diagnosis and high-powered antibiotics for treatment.  At least a decade ago, I began irrigating my sinuses with saline and a dosing syringe but, lately, that just wasn't doing the job.  When the possibility of asthma as a result of the chronic sinusitis presented itself, I looked for something more effective.  My solution:  the SinuPulse Elite.  This lovely little apparatus uses patented technology to deliver a pulsating stream of water (or mist) into your sinuses to clean and/or moisturize them.  To learn more about the machine, visit Achoo Allergy, or watch the video posted below.

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